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Nikon z7 lens kit

The Nikon Z7 is not only their first full-frame mirrorless camera, it is also one of the company's best cameras. Inside a sleek and compact mirrorless camera body, the high-res sensor delivers superb image quality, and its speedy processor delivers great all-around performance.

Of course, there is room to grow and improve, and there aren't many native lenses for the Z7 yet, but Nikon's first full-frame mirrorless camera is an excellent one.

NIKON Z7/Z24-70 F/4 S KIT

Single card slot; Not as good at subject tracking as some Nikon DSLR cameras; Limited native lens selection although adapter works well ; Limited buffer depths. Click here to read our deep-dive interview with Nikon engineers from the Z7 launch event in Tokyo, Japan. Things have been looking up for Nikon lately. As the company rounded out its year-long celebration of its hundredth anniversary last year, its impressive D DSLR ruled the roost as winner not just in the DSLR category of our Camera of the Year awards, but also the overall victor.

But while it has clearly managed something really special with the D DSLR, Nikon obviously couldn't neglect the burgeoning mirrorless market, which has continued to gain in popularity globally at the expense of DSLR sales.

The potential of mirrorless has been made most obvious by the speed with which rival Sony's Alpha mirrorless camera line has gained in popularity and sales, even as Nikon has had to pull back from its own mirrorless offerings of days gone by due to lackluster sales. By coincidence, mirrorless cameras themselves were also celebrating an anniversary last year.

It was a full decade since Olympus and Panasonic made waves in mid by announcing their Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera standard. Nikon responded some three years later in mid, launching its own Nikon 1 mirrorless lineup. The 1-series cameras were groundbreaking in some respects, with the world's first hybrid autofocus system in an ILC thanks to on-chip phase detection pixels, and capable of almost legendary burst-shooting and video-capture performance. They also took good advantage of the size and weight advantages possible with mirrorless designs, being far sleeker and more compact than their DSLR brethren.

Where the Nikon 1-series stumbled, though, was in the very place which allowed most of these other advantages: The sensor used in Nikon's early mirrorless models, while still huge in comparison to the compact cameras which were then just reaching their sales peak, was nevertheless relatively tiny when compared even to the APS-C sensors typically used in DSLRs at the time. While that sensor size allowed the small cameras and lenses for which the 1-series was known, as well as their incredible performance and autofocus, it also translated to a noticeable reduction in image quality versus larger-sensored rivals.

Nikon put its heart and soul into the 1-series, but it still faded into the history books, underappreciated and unloved by most. Nikon's brand-new Z7 mirrorless camera, the flagship of its Z-mount compact system camera lineup. Nikon has since gone back to the drawing board and reinvented its mirrorless strategy from the ground up. With the simultaneously-launched Nikon Z6 and Z7, the company aims to achieve the same success within the compact system camera market that it's managing in the DSLR market with cameras like the D Note: For the sake of accuracy, we should note that the official naming for these new cameras is actually "Nikon Z 6" and "Nikon Z 7".

We'll get down to all of the finer details in a moment, but right now we're sure you're itching to learn what the Nikon Z7 has to bring to the party. Let's quickly hit the high points:. Five-stop, five-axis in-camera vibration reduction for both Z-mount and all adapted F-mount lenses.

Lens-based VR also supported. New EN-EL15b can recharge in-camera. And now that we've got the basics covered, let's see what differs between the Nikon Z7 and its simultaneously-announced, more-affordable sibling:. The Nikon Z7 has a Total pixel counts are The Z7 shoots at 9 fps full-res; the Z6 can manage 12 fps.

If you enable bit raw, the Z7 falls to 8 fps, while the Z6 can still manage 9 fps. Both drop to 5. Note that firmware v2. While both models capture full-width 4K video at up to 30p, the Z6 features full-pixel readout, for better video quality. The Z7 subsamples. The Z6 is rated at or shots respectively. The Z7 comes bundled with the EH-7P charging AC adapter to charge batteries in-camera; the Z6 doesn't include this accessory in the standard package.

At right, the Nikon Z7 compact system camera. The family resemblance is clear.This new hybrid camera will interest many Nikon users as a good alternative to their D and D SLRs, which are considered a little too heavy and bulky. The Z7 fits well in the hand thanks to the rubber coating and the well-proportioned thumb rest. The controls are engraved on the case for quality visual rendering. The controls and hatches are equipped with seals to protect against splashes and dust.

Other controls are available, including exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity and video controls. On the video side, some advanced features are not available, but the new Nikon hybrid range does not have many of them. In the selection below, you can find the best lenses for Nikon Z7 currently available, allowing you to take beautiful pictures in any situation. Any ideas to improve this list? You do not agree on the choice of objectives?

Thank you for leaving a comment! Note: Product links in this article lead to Amazon. Weight: g Filter size: 72 mm. It can also be purchased alone. Stamped S, this lens is guaranteed quality by Nikon. This provides uniform illumination over the entire focal length range.

nikon z7 lens kit

These lenses include an aspherical ED glass lens, an ED glass lens, three aspherical lenses, a fluorine-treated lens to remove fingerprints, moisture or dust, and finally lenses treated with nanocrystal to limit parasitic images, to prevent moisture from infiltrating, the zoom lens has many seals spread over critical areas. No water or dust can get in. Check the price. Weight: g Filter size: 62 mm. Ribbed, this ring is easy to grip and handle to allow the most accurate focus possible. This ring can also be configured to control other housing functions.

On the other hand, those who like to make pretty background blurs will be delighted with this objective. The only thing we can blame him for: a size a little too big for a 50mm.

The best lenses for Nikon Z7

Exceeding the previous fixed focal length lenses in terms of image quality, it offers an excellent depth of field.The relevant sections of this review, including the scoring, have been updated to reflect the AF behavior and performance of Firmware V3. The Nikon Z7 is the company's most well-rounded camera to date: it's as well spec'd and suited for video capture as it is for stills, and the quality of both is impressive.

The Z7's design offers an experience that will be familiar to existing Nikon DSLR shooters, but in a smaller, lighter body, built around the all-new Nikon Z-mount.

From our testing the only area where the Z7 comes up a little short is autofocus reliability and usability - something at which Nikon's DSLRs have long excelled. How the Z7 feels in the hand may be crucial to its acceptance with photographers. Have a look at the camera and its control points to see how it could work for you. The Z7's user interface will be very familiar to existing Nikon shooters. Up to a point, that is. The Z7 is well-suited for a wide variety of photo and video use-cases.

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Here are the pros and cons of using it for On-sensor autofocus points limit the Z7's effective dynamic range, compared to the D By how much? Read on. The Z7 mostly offers impressive autofocus performance, but struggles with tracking reliability and low light accuracy. Nikon has done a lot to enhance the Z7's video, even if that's not immediately obvious from the specs. For a first-generation product, we're hugely impressed with the Z7. I have shown the almost identical similarity of Z7 and D sensors but with a different approach which quite matches to the above results.

It would have been nice to have a similar lens database to play with the data:. Obviously more capable than anything from Canon at this time but obviously targeted at Nikon fanboys.

Not the same features for a smaller price.

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Maybe it's equivalent to the Z5.The optics are great. I love the size and weight of it. The only thing I would like to see is more Z mount lens available. I upgraded from a Nikon DS. It is like moving ahead years in technology. The Z7 takes stunning photos, far superior to my old camera. Also, I had reluctantly learned all the settings for a good photo, but find this a tedious chore.

The Z7 can be set to auto mode, just point and click; the camera sets all the relevant parameters automatically.

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In this Auto mode, it takes better pictures than I ever could. I also find that with auto mode, I really don't even need a flash at ambient light indoors. With the adapter I can still use my older lenses.

However, with the adapter the auto focus is significantly less effective than with the new lense. So I'm selling my old S lenses and will purchase another Z lense. Nikon hit a home run with this camera in my book. I love this c amera. Excellent camera with great resolution and gives great flexibility for post production. Easy to grasp and good ergonomics. Menu and controls are not easy to use but as a Nikon user I can work around it!

Not a camera for newbies. The back-illuminated design of the sensor affords noticeably cleaner high-sensitivity output for reduced noise when working at high ISO values, up to a native ISOas well as vivid and smooth quality at sensitivities as low as ISO The sensor's design also omits the conventional optical low-pass filter in order to achieve the greatest sharpness and resolution from the sensor.

Benefitting the sensor is the apt EXPEED 6 image processor, which affords a wealth of speed throughout the camera system, including the ability to shoot continuously at 9 fps in raw. Much better color science. Much nicer skin tones. Really sharp much faster autofocus. Nikon Z7 FX Additional Product Features Digital Zoom. For Nikons first mirrorless camera I think they did a fantastic job.

Stunning leap ahead in technology. Complicated Great little camera that could!

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Nikon has taken the next step in their imaging journey A Better faster sharper amazing-er Amazing! CEC 5. Sony Alpha A Free Standard Shipping Free shipping in the U. Product Snapshot format Full Frame. ISO sensitivityMore light means more detail. More speed. More possibilities. The Z7 brings that vision to life and then some.

Combining the advantages of a lightweight mirrorless design, a revolutionary new full-frame lens mount and matched lenses, a Nikon designed This is mirrorless reinvented.

Subjects are acquired quickly when they enter the frame and tracked throughout the frame, even to the far edges. The light-shielding phase detection pixels are carefully arranged on the sensor to preserve light, ensuring accurate AF even in dim lighting. The system pays attention to the upper body, too, maintaining focus position when your subject briefly turns away from the camera or moves out of view.

5 Things I Love About the Nikon Z 7 - + A Few Things I Don't - + Sample Images

It has the feel of an optical viewfinder, and you can use it for both stills and videos. Up to five stops of image stabilization in up to five directions—yaw, pitch, roll, X and Y. Normal VR mode for static subjects. Sports VR for moving subjects. Touchscreen functionality to focus, review images, navigate settings, and check focus make navigating the camera through the LCD quicker and easier. New for Nikon is N-Log, with stop dynamic range to assist in color correction editing for highlights and shadows.

nikon z7 lens kit

View Assist dipslays simple gradation compensation to make checking the final look of footage easier. Choose between the 5 GHz and 2.

The Z7 can automatically connect whenever your compatible smart device is in range. Send original resolution JPEGs or have the camera automatically transfer 2MB versions of your photos as you shoot them. Remote Shooting SnapBridge ver. Touch focus, adjust settings like exposure mode, white balance and more, then fire the shutter. They work with the Z7, too. Two modes available: Camera Access Point mode, for connecting directly to a PC, and Station mode, for connecting over a router.

Extra Features Need more?

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Sign up for eNews. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for better use of the website!Sign in or create an account to access your information. View Cart. When shooting portraits for example the system pays attention to the upper body, too, maintaining focus position when your subject briefly turns away from the camera or moves out of view. Faster data transfer between camera and lens. This is the ideal balance between mount diameter, large image sensor and flange focal distance. The Nikon SnapBridge application must be installed on the device before it can be used with this camera.

Updating to Version 2. Make sure your camera's firmware is updated to the current. There is no guarantee this app will run on all devices. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. All Nikon trademarks are trademarks of Nikon Corporation. Display this video in a lightbox See the video. For a full list of the technical specifications please refer to the product manual.

Something went wrong. Please try again in a few minutes. This product is currently unavailable for individual sale. Welcome, Guest My Account. Previous image Next image. Product variations. More than mirrorless. Nikon mirrorless. Our vision has always been to create cameras and lenses that capture more light. More light means more detail. More speed. More possibilities.Sign in or create an account to access your information.

View Cart.

nikon z7 lens kit

Ultimate wide-angle zoom for landscapes, cityscapes, night skies and interiors. The lightest full frame standard zoom lens in its class. Easy to carry. A thrill to shoot.

Fast, ultra-wide prime for elaborate landscapes and environmental portraits with breathtaking detail.

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Immensely convenient all-in-one zoom for landscapes, architecture, street photography and everything in between. Go-to telephoto with exceptional speed, versatility and low-light performance.

The fastest Nikkor lens ever. A one-of-a-kind manual focus lens with vast depth-of-field control and elaborate bokeh. The smallest, lightest Nikkor Z lens, captures the sweet spot of the zoom range for street photography, candid portraits, landscapes and more. Powerful, lightweight telephoto zoom that brings you closer to wildlife, sports, concerts and more. Bright, sharp wide angle prime lens with captivating resolution and bokeh. Flattering portrait lens with breathtaking resolution and stunning bokeh.

Powerful, indispensable mid-range zoom with dazzling speed and brightness. Compact ultra-wide zoom for scenic photography with frame-filling sharpness. Photo and video powerhouse covering the sweet spot of the focal length range.

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Fast wide-angle prime with a classic angle of view, reinvented for the Z Mount system. Iconic fast prime with new levels of sharpness and depth-of-field control. No need to stop down these lenses. The larger Z Mount allows for faster communication between lens and camera for improved performance across the board.

Nikon Z7 Review

Even at their widest apertures, Nikkor Z lenses show virtually no distortion—flare, ghosting, coma, chromatic, axial and spherical aberration are all greatly minimized. Welcome, Guest My Account. The front line of the lens revolution. Shop All Nikkor Z Lenses.


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